Test your

Video Ads, trailers, banners, posters,
packaging, letters, documents, 3D renders and more.


With Synapbox Media you can test content
on video or image format.

This type of testing can be used to measure product placement, commercial spots, social media campaigns, packaging, movie trailers, public speeches and basically any content that you need to evaluate.

Add your surveys

Add a survey before or after the test and customize the type of questions to optimize your research.

Filter your audience results

Filter your data through the segments of your sample and find tendencies that will drive decisions.

Analysis report made easy

Optimize your reporting time with interactive data analysis and download your insights to PPT & PDF.

Collaborate with your team

Share access to your reports and insights with your team and clients in just one click.


Visual Performance

This indicator allows you to track the visual path of your consumers second by second and compare the data with their level of attention to know if your consumers are seeing what you want them to see.

You can customize the tracking of specific areas of your content, like brand or message appearance, to know how many participants saw that area and for how many time they did.


Emotional Effectiveness

This indicator allows you to analyze the emotional performance of your content by detecting the level of 6 universal emotions (happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, sadness) on your consumer’s gestures and playing them second by second along with your content.

You can use this indicator to track the emotional relation to specific moments of your content, like a character appearance or to the first or last 5 seconds of exposure.


Attentional and Emotional Engagement

This indicator allows you to see an analysis of the levels of attention and positive emotions of your consumers in one metric, to see how engaged on an emotional and attentional level was your audience.

You can use this metric to detect the parts of your content that are not having a good level of engagement to edit them and optimize your content.

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