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E-commerce websites, marketing integration, content apps
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With Synapbox Digital you can test content
like web pages or mobile apps.

This type of testing can be used to make web & mobile usability studies to assess the easiness in which users navigate through various interfaces. Usability testing can be introduced during the design process and after, to review good practices and improve performance.

Add your surveys

Add a survey before or after the test and customize the type of questions to optimize your research.

Filter your audience results

Filter your data through the segments of your sample and find tendencies that will drive decisions.

Analysis report made easy

Optimize your reporting time with interactive data analysis and download your insights to PPT & PDF.

Collaborate with your team

Share access to your reports and insights with your team and clients in just one click.


Emotional &
Visual Performance

This indicator allows you to analyse the experience of your consumers second by second and detect the levels of satisfaction through 6 universal emotions (happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, sadness) + Complement those metrics with the visual tracking of consumers to know the relation between what the audience is seeing and feeling.

Analyse each participant's experience, to understand their use patterns and detect how they affect the overall of information of all the sample.


Behavior Analytics

This indicator helps you understand the experience and decision making of your consumers with information about their clicks/taps, scrolls, and mouse movements. All of this presented through link heat maps that are easy to read and translate into relevant insights.

Analyse the general behavior metrics of all your sample to understand the performance of each link visited, how much pixels did consumers really saw? and which clicks were the most relevant to them?


Interaction Performance

This indicator helps you understand the navigation of your consumers through each link visited and divide that data into relevant tasks to have a better overview of the performance all your site or app.

Find out where you are losing visitors to then go to the emotional and behavior indicators and find out why you are losing them.

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