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Media consumption is evolving, an average consumer sees thousands of Ads a day, interacts with an increasing number of screens and limits its attention to just a few seconds per content.

This means, that to stand out with your consumers, get their attention and keep their focus to deliver your message effectively, is more difficult than ever.

However, emotions and visual perception play an important rol on this, and understanding them can make the difference to optimize your content and engage your consumers to persuade them to take action.


Our mission is to close the gap between industry needs and the understanding of consumer behavior, building technology that can be 100% scalable and translate the interaction of consumers on different channels into reliable metrics that help our clients make informed decisions to optimize the performance of their content.

Built with a multidisciplinary team that is
fully committed and growing

They believe in our vision and decided to be part of the next generation in market research.

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Meet our team

Team of young minds with extensive experience in developing technologies to measure human behavior,
with the experience and knowledge of well-known minds in the neuromarketing and startup growth communities.

Cristina de la Peña Osorio
Francisco Marín Romero
Camilo Salazar Paris
Tania Frontera
Diana García Cortés
Lead developer
& Researcher
Roger Dooley
Advisor and Partner
Bob Caspe
Growth business development
Chad Huemme
Growth business development

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