Getting attention Ozzy Osbourne style

Getting attention Ozzy Osbourne style

Millions of people know Ozzy Osbourne for his music, especially during his time as vocalist of Black Sabbath. Others know Ozzy for MTV reality show “The Osbournes” and others might know him as the degenerate who bit the head of a living bat during a concert.

Undoubtedly, a unique way to attract attention.

Some versions say that Ozzy thought the bat that a fan threw on stage was made of rubber and that’s why he bit it.

I am not interested to know what is the true version of the story, nor is the objective to decide whether this act was right or wrong … the point is this: Ozzy was able to draw attention and knew how to capitalize this for the rest of his life.

Often, part of the component of success people call “luck”, is actually related with a specific time when someone knew how to draw attention, and create a “spark” to build and take advantage of a specific opportunity.

But there is no point in creating an opportunity if we aren´t prepared to take advantage of it. Ozzy Osbourne didn´t become famous for having bitten the head of a bat, he became famous as the lead singer of one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history, and for decades of generating value to his fans through his music. The episode of the bat made him more famous and helped boosting something that he already was: a rock legend.

That’s where we’re wrong. We believe it´s enough to generate an opportunity, to know how to sell ourselves and with being convinced that we are good at something. Getting attention and create an opportunity is only the first step, what we really have to ask is what value are we able to generate? Are we prepared to execute and do something meaningful when we get our chance? Every one of us could be Ozzy in our own way. Always look to amaze, to surprise, but be sure that behind that surprise there´s something that is worth showing.

We all are going to get our 15 minutes of fame. Someone, at some point, is going to throw us a bat at our stage. It depends on you how to seize and take advantage of that opportunity…